Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Download Dead Island Full Version - Black Box

Dead Island features open world roaming, played from a first-person perspective. The focus is on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry, vehicular customization/combat, and RPG elements.

The game features an experience system as well as a skill tree system. There is also a stamina bar, meaning that after a set amount of physical action, such as running, jumping, or swinging a weapon, the character will need to stop to regain his or her stamina before continuing to attack. The game features "special class" zombies, which are more powerful than the standard zombie. Players need to use flashlights in dark areas and during night-time sections, adding suspense. The island has a weather system.
Specific enemies in the game are: "Walker," the most common zombie—very slow, they normally either lie on the ground waiting, or stand around in groups; "Infected," basically fast-moving "Walkers" who will run at the character from far away and begin attacking; "Suicider," a large enemy with boils upon its body, heavily disfiguring it; "Butcher," a humanoid-shaped zombie with long hair, and missing both arms from the elbow, with only bones sticking out of the sockets; "Thug," which knocks players over, stunning them; "Ram," a large man wrapped in a straitjacket with a mask covering his mouth; and, finally, "Floater," another large disfigured enemy covered in slime, with large red eyes, who will vomit towards the players.

Password : multiplate

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